Hope you are getting as excited as we are for Dermot’s livestream tonight, only a few hours to go!!

We just wanted to let you know that your viewing link will be emailed to you about one hour before the stream starts. When you get the link, it’s probably a good idea to check you can view it ok on your device before the show starts. If your link doesn’t arrive, please check your Junk folder, but if you can’t find it or have any other questions about your booking then please contact customer support as follows :

For Ticketmaster / Universe customers (that’s most of you…), click here  :

For American Express Cardholders who booked exclusive American Express packages, click here :

Tickets to Dermot’s livestream will be available right up to when each time-zoned stream actually starts, wherever you are In the world, so if you haven’t got yours yet, what are you waiting for, click here: